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Digital Workforce

Artificial Intelligence


Automatic Email to lead & Email to Case

Eliminate the need for manually creating cases & Leads from incoming emails and increase the efficiency of customer service agents by creating automatic case and Lead through the power of AI

Cognitive Auto Reply

Bot reads and decides which reply template to use

Smart Summarizer

Get 1-2 Line summary of every email.


The BOT reads emails and completes an an opinion mining, reveals the customer’s opinion about topics ranging from your products and services to your location, your advertisements, or even your competitors

Social Footprint Finder

Get the social profile of all your leads and contacts from their email id Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +. Instagram and more...

Customer Score

How likely is the customer to buy your product. Let the bot come back with a score of your leads, and focus your energy in the right direction.

Mail Merge

Send Personalized Emails to multiple contacts

Email Tracking

Get complete insight of your emails. Did they read your email, or delete it? Follow up with

Productivity meter

Increase productivity of agent by at least 50%!!!! How productive were the agents this week? Let them focus on growing your business, while leave the manual work to the bot.

Reply Template : Create & Schedule

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Seamless Integration with Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, and Others

With email integration, you can combine efforts and communications for a client, prospect or user to interact with them more efficiently

Case Type Assignment

Understand the types of cases and auto reply baed on AI and NLP

Cognitive Automation For Your Mail & CRM.

Automation your sales workflows to close more deals and build stronger relationships.

End-to-End Sales Automation: from Lead-to-Sales: From Your Inbox and CRM.

Our customisable sales automation smartflow automates the process of qualifying mass leads through the process of cold, warm and hot, converting leads to prospect and closing deals much faster. It helps you focus your energies on qualified leads, interested in your product or service, reducing the energy wasted on uninterested ones.

Automating your follow up and lead qualification bring with continuous tracking of closure probability brings a scientific consistency powered advanced AI technology and increases your deal closure multiple times.

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Looking for Consultants and IT professionals focused on the customer support space, helping large enterprises to digitally transform their sales and support.

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Solution Provider

Customer engagement experts that resell our product, design custom experiences, and offer an array of other services

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Business Service Provider

Outsourcers and Business Process as a Service providers that offer innovative and transformational customer solutions

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