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Cognitive Automation For Your Mail & CRM.

Automation your sales workflows to close more deals and build stronger relationships.

MailTangy's Artificial intelligence powered revolutionary CRM Smart add-on BOT can increase your sales and service productivity by more than 50%.

It is able to intelligently process content and auto-respond to emails within 10-15 seconds. Not just that, it will give you the complete context by providing a two-line summary, a customer sentiment and the past email and ticket history within mailbox as well as CRM! Moreover, it bridges the gap between your mailbox and CRM by creating leads and tickets as soon as the emails hit your mailbox.

You can manually assign tickets to your agents from a consolidated view, or use our auto assignment feature that assigns tickets to agents by taking into consideration multiple parameters such as customer interaction history, availability of the agent, and various others.

It is based on the state-of-the-art semantic technology, which ensures that the understanding of mail contents is based on the domain-specific knowledge of the industry, be it: Real Estate, Pharma, Banking, Insurance, or any other one.

Mail tangy, a host of more than 30 innovative features, is the one-stop solution to revolutionise your Sales and Customer Service sentiment!

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